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Group Fun Photo by: marin.tomic All things considered, Italy's a little more conservative sexually and regarding bullshit gender roles than, say, those liberated Spaniards or Cosmo-drinking power suits in America.

Guys, especially in southern Italy, are the aggressors and women, the coy recipients of their advances.

Keep the backpack light: one pair of sassy jeans or black pants, a decent shirt you can layer (when in doubt, go black) and a pair of not-running shoes will do the trick.

Guys, Italian chicks dig black socks; wear those white Champions mom bought you and you can kiss BJs goodbye.

101 is a Christian friendship and singles service for young Christian people and students as well as mature, older single Christian men and women.

That said, some things are the same everywhere: Singles tend to meet singles through friends.

Italians often feel each other out on a "group date" (like boozing with friends) before feeling each other up.

Look the Part Photo by: All Seasons Even if they're just grabbing a cappuccino or going for a jog, Italians look good.

In a country of well-kempt people, morning-after hair and college hoodies make you look more 'merican than Sarah Palin with a sawed-off shotgun eating burgers in the bed of a Ford pickup.

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