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On top of the pain they already feel, acting happy is emotionally exhausting, and having this secret is isolating. Others funnel their pain into anger and people see them rage, abuse, shame, or react with annoyance or irritation to whatever happens around them.They may or may not themselves know they’re depressed, but others often don’t guess how much devastating emotional pain they are in. People who are depressed but act like they are fine may not confide in anyone.

Also, addictions cloud the picture of depression and require their own, very different intervention. Any views and opinions expressed are not necessarily shared by Good

It can cause someone to believe everyone would be better off without him, or even that others would be better off dead.

It can cause people to feel sad, angry, guilty, numb, or rageful, even when none of this is how they feel when they aren’t depressed.

Even when people feel safe to express exactly how they feel, it is very difficult for people who haven’t experienced a deep depression to understand how that feels.

How can anyone who hasn’t experienced it understand a pain that is as intense as any open-heart surgery without anesthesia, with no cuts or bruises to show?

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How can anyone who hasn’t experienced it understand the complexity of pain that is not only unbearably intense itself but also complicated by many painful factors like the stigma of mental illness and the confusion of the fact that unlike other illnesses, depression causes behavior changes.

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