Adult sex role play chat

The only thing people can do is find a way through the swearing systems is like T H I S.

Once a game called HAVE S3X was banned in 3 minutes! Roblox is a seemingly harmless game, however, some things are just plain disappointing about it.

The character who "raped" her character also used other language with her in the chat box that made it seem like he was a lot older than she was. If your child is younger, I would recommend being careful about, and making them earn trust to be on the site, and I would make yourself an account.

If your child is older, I would recommend letting them play, especially if your child is very mature.

Lua scripting also can make blood splatter out of characters and make it MORE realistic. Now, sexy stuff really is not an issue, however some kids may date.

There is no violence or sex I repeat NO violence or sex in this game.

People think a girl with no clothes is sex and nudity EVEN THOUGH moderators can ban people and its not like they have Dicks or Vaginas.

Like I said, if he did get all offended by it or was out of his mind implying something, I’d have a sit down and tell him he needs to get his facts straight. I have a right to explore my creativity in whatever way necessary as long as I do not cross that line between IC and OOC.

I won’t tolerate him being a jealous ninny about something I love to do as a hobby. Morticia seemed to draw the line at writing smut with another person. But writing smutty sex-scenes with another player’s character might be too far. I’m an adult, and I feel that sometimes an adult relationship (even in a game) deserves to be explored on any level required. If I were to write a sex scene between two of my characters in a book, how is that different than role-playing out that scene between two characters, one of which just happens to not be of my own devising? There’s a reason for this though – in the past, we’ve both had people who could not separate IC from OOC and caused some serious issues trying to interfere and break us up so they could have whichever of us they’d attached themselves to.

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