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"I just can't be on my own in the country without the family, it's dreadful," he grumbles."In my perversity I was really looking forward to this week, and now I'm climbing the walls.It was like, 'What's this going to be like when they're teenagers and I'm 70?

"I didn't want to put Melia on the spot but I would run things past Julie, singing words to her, and if she sang along then I figured they were OK.I kept stopping because I didn't think it would work." In late 2003 Clapton's first break took him off to France on his own for a week to write half a dozen lyrics. So he promptly went into default mode - the blues - and knocked off an album of Robert Johnson covers, Me and Mr Johnson.Last October, after several more months of agonised pencil-sucking, he came up with another cracking displacement wheeze: he decided he would re-form Cream. It was born out of my home life, because what happened when I started to enjoy being a member of my own family was that I looked outside of it and thought, 'Where can I apply this?' And Cream are one of the few bands from that era that can actually re-unite because we are all alive and just about in good health." With that project jogging along in tandem, he finally delivered Back Home in February of this year.The Cream's Albert Hall concerts he thought were "all right", though he says he can only remember the last one because he had terrible flu for the first three.

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On Monday his 29-year-old American wife Melia flew to Columbus, Ohio, with their three small daughters to spend some time with her parents - leaving him to, well, whatever it is that 60-year-old rock stars get up to when left to their own devices in gated mansions in the Guildford area.

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