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Still, I was happy and super attracted to this girl. One of the men said something to me in Arabic and she had to tell him off, another guy started to get in my face and tried to speak broken English with me, I just stared at him without responding and he walked off. Zamalek is one of the nicer neighborhoods in Cairo and by far the most international. The date went well and ended with us smoking Shisha in a tourist area of the city.

The strangest thing about this tourist area was that nearly all the tourists were Middle Eastern, I only saw one other white tourist the entire night in the area.

I take a great interest in the large tennis, I like to go in sauna, to travel.

Currently am single and am looking for friendship or more. I'm a friendly, down-to-earth, non-conformist male,age 26, with a good sense of humor, who is hoping to make a few new friends around the globe.

What I had heard would not be on another level were the Egyptian women.

Egyptian women have the reputation of being nearly impossible for foreigners to sleep with. Then I waited and waited, but my luggage never appeared.

Am interested in meeting someone with the same qualities. I`d love to hear from people with some what similar interests.

Ideally, I am looking for genuine long lasting friendship in which we can be ourselves.

Sometimes you couldn’t even see their faces because they would wear the traditional black Hijabs that show only the eyes.

I took that as a challenge, I am 20Nation from Swoop The World after all. Mohamed noticed me staying behind and offered to help me find it.

Here is the story of my trip deep into Muslim country to Cairo, Egypt. my connecting flight from Istanbul to Italy was delayed and the airline gave me an even later flight to Cairo. As I waited for my luggage I looked at the screenshot on my phone of my hotel reservation for the night. I asked around a bit and a 30 year old Egyptian guy let me use his internet so I could look up the address of my hotel. I was a bit paranoid that he was being too friendly, but accepted the help. Mohamed told me I could stay the night at his place, but I turned down the offer.

The room had 4 beds, but they had no problems renting me the entire room.

It was a hint that the tourist industry was just a ghost of what it had been before the coup a few years prior.

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