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The other thing I want to say on this subject of dating again is that women often tell me that they are not looking to meet anyone because they’re not ready. Come join me at the As someone who was abandoned after a long term marriage .... I do not measure my completeness nor judge my level of healing based on the fact that I am not interested in meeting another man! then you would know if you put yourself "out there" to meet one person after the next, men are not interested in dating.

Months, years go by while they’re waiting to become ready. But, by the fifth time, it stops feeling so badly and eventually, it becomes normal. We come back to my favorite maxim — what’s extraordinary becomes ordinary. I feel satisfied with my current life and certainly am not ruling out the possibility of meeting someone... They expect sex on the first date and are looking for sex then on to the next conquest.

Give yourself some time; I know you can't see it now, but it does get better. Thankyou for your words of kindness I have read the book twice and still refer back to it all the time.

Even though the book answered a lot of questions for me why do we think our situation is unique and although I know I can never be with him again just want him to want me to give me back my self worth and get rid of my sense of failure at being a good wife.

My husband also claimed that he was happy, but once the cat was out of the bag, he became very emotionally and mentally abusive, disrespectful and actually carried on his affair in my house in front of me until my divorce was becomming final and he had to move.The right one is most likely going to be someone you meet doing what you enjoy not some horny loser cruising the personal ads for fresh meat.To constantly be "dating" reeks of desperation and to sleep with a continuous string of people screams low self-esteem. I am 63 years old, but frankly I am not at all interested in getting involved with someone else.I relive every second of our past constantly although I try not to I have no contact with him if I can help it but I long to have someone to care about me again, hold me and make me feel special as he did.I want to start dating but don't know how to I don't get out much either so the chances of meeting someone is very slim.

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