Dating married woman at work

I dont want to give up on him I want to be with him, but in my heart i feel like he will never leave, do you feel like she will really leave him for you?

I wish you the best of luck, I hope things work out for you. When I first fell for her I walked away three times, but each time she would turn up at my flat and tell me she couldn't live without me.

I am the one she leans on and she listen to me so I also feel supported. I have absolutely NO pity for anyone who goes into a relationship KNOWING that he/she is married or involved with someone else..shouldn't have gotten involved period..need to break it off..karma will come back for involved in ruining a marriage and family...break it off with her, as someone else said, what does this say about this woman?

I just want her as a partner and I don't want to be the other man forever. clearly shes think shes going to be forever faithful to you?

I really dont understand how someone can fall in love with a cheater thinking that this person will be faithful to're really setting yourself up for heartache These forums are funny to say the least.

I know 10 couples at work who had affiars, fell in love and left their partners for their lovers and have been very very happy.

We reconnected this year after 2 1/2 years with only birthday and Christmas texts.

We are talking more openly and she is concerned about her children so is not sure when she can ask her husband to leave.

Listen to your inner voice if you can...maybe read the power of now, I know I found it helpful.

She left her husband and bought her own house but it did not progress.

I could take and walked away for a few months as she suddenly stopped her children from being around when I was, something she had not done when with her husband.

No.than likely not.foolish to think this, she and her husband were once in love and look what has happnened...

SHE needs to get her life straight without YOU being involved in it.she chooses her husband, then walk away, dont be used by a woman that isn't going to change her life for you, if she leaves her husband, then maybe you two have a shot..good luck with her being faithful....

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