Dating opposing political views

When it came to politics, however, they couldn’t have been more different: she was a self-described “bleeding-heart liberal,” while he was a staunch conservative.

Before agreeing to meet, both emphasized their commitments to their respective values and agreed to respectfully disagree—establishing an unspoken strategy of topic avoidance.

free to say all kinds of bad things about their partisan opponents.

The social norms just don't apply.” The political divide in the US is strong, but Iyengar says America is far from the only place affected by this phenomenon.

This strategy may also serve to maintain privacy and one’s sense of autonomy, essential ingredients for a healthy partnership.“We're actually not as polarized compared to several other countries. and we’ve also been looking at Belgium where there's a big divide based on language,” Iyengar says.“It turns out in these highly divided societies, where they're divided on grounds other than politics, we have sort of replicated the American pattern.“More than 25 percent now say that they would be troubled by the prospect of their offspring marrying outside the party. If you look at marriage across party lines today, it's extremely infrequent.Maybe 10 to 11 percent of American couples actually have divergent party registrations.” In another study, surveyors asked people to judge resumes to see which cues would make someone more likely to hire a high school senior for a job.

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“In the good old days — the 1950s, the 1960s — party affiliation made virtually no difference to interpersonal relations,” says Shanto Iyengar, a professor of political science and communication at Stanford University. In the 1950s, when people were asked how they would feel if their child were to marry someone from another political party, less than 10 percent of Americans felt troubled or displeased by the prospect of inter-party marriage.

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