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And online dating is a fiery hell hole that involves email messages filled with horrible grammar and blurry profile pictures taken from terrible angles.

There’s just so much you infer and observe by knowing someone in person that doesn’t come across in a profile.

After all, the more seeds you sow, the more lush your garden in your new city will be.

Make It Stop is a weekly column in which Anna Goldfarb — author of “Clearly, I Didn’t Think This Through” and the blogger behind the blog, Shmitten Kitten — tells you what’s up.

You can’t just sit around and stare into your boyfriend’s eyes all day.

You will need to have outside interests and friendships that comprise the tapestry of your life. Disengage from the hustle and prioritize seeking out new friends.

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Or are you just spinning around in the snow until a snowflake—any snowflake—falls on your tongue?

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