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Listening to the lyrics of “Action,” I, too, was struck by the band’s tone of assertive independence: “A promise of rebellion—to be an exception . Although the five members of Acrush have claimed to be straight (to say otherwise would invite a backlash), their avid fans, mostly young women, pay them the highest compliment available to boy-band members: they refer to them as , or husbands.On Weibo, tween girls profess feeling a genuine “bond” with the stars.

The song’s rapid-fire lyrics deliver a rousing defense of self-determination: “I don’t live for anyone else / Labels—how to break them so I dictate my own life.” Western observers were impressed.

L., by contrast, romance can exist free of baggage.

“It’s almost like they are not really men but just lovers, in the purest sense,” she said.

Even if Acrush, like , is the product of deferred desires and inexpressible yearnings, its appearance will have little effect on China’s social reality. “Since I first saw your face on a poster three months ago, this is the first time I have dreamt about you.

In China, the market inevitably supersedes abstract social quandaries. In the dream, you are chasing me down the stairs of our apartment building.

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