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I don’t want to taint the delicate palate that is the dating show format by introducing foreign concepts that might blur the type of good we are trying to do here. Whotookthenamemegs: Greg, are you the voice-over for the Enigma Greatest Hits CD commercial? Greg_Proops: Brad, Chip, Drew, Colin, Ryan, Wayne, Laura, Linda, Jeff, Cece, Kathy and I gather via picture phone from around the world and watch both episodes every Wednesday together. whose_line: Are you still going to respond to fanmail after what’s been happening? LOL whtesde: Did you watch a lot of dating shows to prepare for the hosting gig? I don’t watch a lot of dating shows to prepare for the hosting gig. No one is going to let you touch it, and when they do, they are going to make you feel real guilty. proopsgirl160: What is your favorite alcohol drink? ” without saying, “Oh I would have done this or that,” etc. Stridentpicnicr: Are there any questions that you feel are a tad bit redundant at times? We then vote to eliminate one of our number if they are not funny enough. Ryan [Stiles] and I were a young Dutch couple going out for the first time. We have all played together so long we can bounce pass without looking like the Showtime Lakers. What mental exercises do you do to keep your wit razor sharp? We just make fun of each other on the ride to the show and backstage. Honestly, this year I have laughed at the guys more than ever.We also read books In between drinking and making fun of each other. I think that is a miracle since we have worked together so long.So sit back and be prepared to be educated and entertained…by the Smartest Man In The World! The Proopcast has been to Australia, New Zealand, Montreal, London, Edinburgh, Austin, Paris, San Francisco and off the coast of St.

Part professorial, part crazed comedian, Proops forms the show around his talent and passions. Proops will record the podcast with the usual mix of drinking, so-called jokes, singing, poor dancing, and boring preachy parts. Proops captivates audiences with his cutting wit, affable approach, and impressive knowledge of the important and the mundane.

Not so difficult you say, but we weren’t wearing skates.

What was your favorite audience suggestion to perform onstage? Playing with Ryan is like being on a team with Babe Ruth—he just points at the fence and hits home runs.

wakka2: Is Greg aware that his show is sponsored by 1-800 contacts? megregproops: Did you always want to host a dating show, or is it an opportunity that just came up and you decided to take it? (And you have a marvelous laugh, BTW.) Greg_Proops: My wife…

😉 But I suggest that you do and I’m always of a mind that TV is not a place to look for irony!

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I lie on my bed of cucumbers with moistened violets on my eyes to take down the puffiness of strenuous days of slinging jokes.

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