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And as long as a Data Source was set & Data Bind() called a 2nd time at any time during any Post Back, the Grid View will stay visible with correct data displayed.

Again, as long as the Read Only controls have their data/text set a 2nd time during any Post Back, they too will retain their data/text for every following Post Back.

My gridview displays 4 columns where in the fourth i have an asp: Button Field When i have one row in the results and the user hits the Button it does not fire in Firefox. My gridview is inside an asp: Update Panel and the page uses a masterpagefile.

The following code runs successfully with no errors, but I still don't get the new data from the grid, by adding a break point, and stepping forward, the data in the variables are the original data, not the updated data.

On the first Post Back fired by any one of my DDLs, Radio Btns, Link Btns that have the Auto Post Back=true property, then ddl Priority_Selected Index Changed & ddl Pend User Req Type_Selected Index Changed events always fire (and only from these DDLs, the others don't fire inappropriately), even when neither of those controls had been selected.

Then my Grid View grid Pend Roles disappears, unless a Data Source & Data Bind() is forced.

I have seen many posts about gridview row command not firing but have not seen any that is browser dependent. The same page works perfectly in Chrome and Firefox.

In IE, even the Page_Load is not called during post back. I have cleared cache, restarted VS, and even rebooted.

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