Groupbox validating event

Methods can also take parameters which are used in the execution of the code.

Think of them like a Power Shell function where you have a set of code that runs whenever you type in the function name.

However, there are certain scenarios when validation in read-only mode would be useful.

In order, to meet the requirements of both cases, we decided to implement a mechanism, similar to Rad Grid View's Validates On Data Errors property.

Our next step is to make use of Events and Methods for some specific WPF so we can make this into a functional tool that can be given to others to use.

This will fire each and every time you press the button on that particular button. The end result of our code for handling the Click event on the Services button looks like this: Just because the code is running the background when the button is clicked doesn't mean that we ease up on the error handling and data validation.

What isn't clear here is exactly how we create the event handler for the Click event. A Try/Catch should always exist in your code to handle the errors that come along.

I used Format-Wide so I could create multiple columns to better display the data rather than a single column that could span multiple pages.

As you can see, there are 111 events for this button!

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Even if the data in the database were somehow incorrect, when it is loaded into the form in view-only mode, I'd not want to display validation errors.

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