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Ahmadiyyas believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmed to be a Messiah d.Ahmadiyyas believe that Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Ashoka and Guru Nanak were also Prophets e.While I have always been critical of his approach and conclusions, I always admired Dr Zakir Naik’s sincerity and loyalty to Muslims.I was impressed by his gigantic efforts in studying thousands of pages of scriptures and selecting verses that could be used to derive whatever crazy interpretations he has derived to prove Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in all world scriptures.purifying him of all sins), offered him the present of his sincere devotion and showing him all reverence said, I make obeisance to thee. The pride of mankind, the dweller in Arabia, Ye have collected a great force to kill the Devil and you yourself have been protected from the malecha opponents.”This is also the first prophecy in Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi’s book.It is identical with the quotation in Zakir Naik’s article.They are in fact banned in Pakistan and many other countries.

Thus he has deliberately not made clear whether in reality Dr Zakir Naik is a Qadiyani or not.

But he forgot that the material he has used to write other articles are directly lifted from Maulana Abdul Haque’s writings who agrees that Vedas are revelations.

Thus proving Prophet in Vedas or Bhavishya Puran is fine with Ahmadiyyas because that is how they justify prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad also.

And I was shocked to find that Dr Zakir Naik has done NOTHING MORE THAN simply copying-pasting from this book, mostly word-to-word and cooked up his own ‘original’ research which he uses to claim that he is an expert in ‘Comparative Religion’. So all Dr Zakir Naik has done is copying from works of another person, memorizing those and claiming all the fame for himself!

And he did this so blindly that he did not bother even see the background of the original writer or how he has backstabbed his followers in the process.

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Or is it that he is a spy with some other hidden agenda.

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