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As adults, BPD individuals adopt the characteristics of the invalidating environment in which they grow up.

Looking to others for accurate reflections of reality and oversimplifying the ease of solving life’s problems characterize this self-invalidation.

For example, when angered, those with BPD find it hard to let go of thoughts and feelings that reinforce their anger.

“Slow return to emotional baseline” means that emotional reactions are long lasting.

Individuals with BPD have difficulties regulating several, if not all, emotions.When they fail to achieve these goals they are filled with self-hate.Those with BPD are generally unable to self-regulate.Basic normal emotions are fleeting and generally adaptive, lasting only seconds to minutes.For the borderline, emotions are long-lasting because they are amplified with sustained attention and reactivated with memories.

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Family members of BPD individuals often feel that they are “walking on eggs” because BPD individuals are so emotionally sensitive and tend to over-react.

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