Is nigel lythgoe dating priscilla presley

Even though she is almost ten years older than him, she stills looks great and Nigel is so smitten he seems to almost worship the ground she walks on,' the friend added.Iconic sex symbol RAQUEL WELCH and Elvis’ ex-wife, PRISCILLA PRESLEY, are mixed up in a bizarre Hollywood man swap!I am not exactly sure what they were supposed to be: jungle dwellers? She then introduced the first guest performer: Titus Fotso and the African Dance Music Ensemble.

Nigel separated from his wife Bonnie earlier this year.

But when it comes to animal prints it's a fine line between flashy and trashy, so make sure you keep on the right side of it by following Raquel's lead and opting for a dress knee-length or longer with sleeves. Then check out our edit of the most alluring leopard print dresses in the shops in the gallery below.

'Raquel finds Nigel fascinating and an absolute English gentleman.

Raquel is dating Priscilla’s ex-beau, Nigel Lythgoe, the execu­tive producer of “American Idol” and a judge on “So You Think You Can Dance.” Incredibly, Priscilla dumped Nigel a few years back so she could be with Raquel’s ex-husband, restaurateur Richard Palmer!

“The romantic musical chairs have finally settled, and Raquel and Nigel are now a couple re­sulting from this bizarre ‘partner swap’, ” a Hollywood source told The ENQUIRER.

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