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In the season's premiere episode, Rob and Amber agreed to form an alliance, with Rob citing his reasoning as: As part of the most dominant tribe in Survivor: All-Stars, Amber enjoyed a healthy winning streak, until Day 12, where they suffered their first loss in an Immunity Challenge.

Boston Rob and Amber's relationship was a matter of discussion at the Tribal Council, but Amber claimed to have come to play Survivor, not a dating game.

At Tribal Council, Amber was voted out for playing an "under-the-radar game", and was a threat to win the show, ultimately landing in sixth place. At Final Tribal Council, as a member of the jury, Amber cast her vote for Colby, who failed to win the million dollars. As one of the quieter personalities of Survivor: The Australian Outback, Amber's inclusion in the All-Stars installment of Survivor came as a surprise to most fans.

She was a member of the red Chapera tribe, a boisterous group including Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano, Sue Hawk, and fellow Survivor: The Australian Outback alumna Alicia Calaway.

The ex-Ogakor members stuck together in eliminating Alicia Calaway, but the ex-Kucha tribe then convinced Keith, Colby, and Tina Wesson to turn on their alliance and vote out Amber's closest ally, Jerri.

Upon the merge, Ogakor managed to use the knowledge that one of Kucha's members, Jeff Varner, had received votes beforehand, and eliminated him through a tiebreaker, thus gaining a numeric advantage over the Kucha tribe.Amber voted for Kel at Tribal Council because she considered him to be the least trustworthy member of the tribe.After losing the next challenge, Amber targeted Maralyn Hershey because of her weakness at the Immunity Challenge. At Ogakor's next Tribal Council Amber thought her four-person alliance was going to eliminate the tribal annoyance Keith Famie.For a short time, she also worked as the host of an adventure travel game on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.More recently, Amber has appeared in various commercials for Adelphia Cable, Rite Aid drugstores, and Mountaineer Racetrack in West Virginia.

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