Rwj and meekakitty dating

However, in 2012, Ray announced that he was leaving Maker Studios, citing issues with upper management with regards to contract negotiation.

After cutting ties with the network, he founded his own production company called True to his word, he made his final video for =3 in March of 2014.

He went from regularly broadcasting himself to millions of subscribers to working primarily behind the scenes, which may have been concerning for some of his fans.

So, that begs the question: What’s Ray William Johnson doing today? If you’re reading this article, it’s more than likely that you haven’t even heard of this new channel.

He made these reaction videos from his apartment, which gave them a certain amount of charm that viewers found themselves drawn to.

She was then replaced by Carlos Santos on December 4, 2015, who served as the final host.He took advantage of this opportunity and started working on a side channel called , which became one of the most popular animated rap/parody channels on You Tube.From the outside looking in, things seemed to be going pretty well.From there, the channel lost a significant amount of public support.A few new hosts were brought on to the channel, and they hoped to capture the original charm of the original videos. The channel’s popularity continued to tumble, and by this time, several new reaction channels were starting to make a new for themselves.

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