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The Joy of Text received negative reviews from media commentators, who criticised the night for its poor script and lack of entertaining content.

Fewer than 3 million viewers tuned into the series, far fewer than the BBC were hoping.

It was broadcast on 9 June 2001, and featured three TV programmes: The Joy of Text: Live, Text Maniacs and X Text.

The first programme, The Joy of Text: Live, was a 40-minute entertainment variety show hosted by Ulrika Jonsson and Terry Alderton, featuring celebrity guests and text-related games.

Two years ago, a Spanish study tested various types of music playing next to a petri dish - from Metallica to Madonna.

So far, the theories have yet to be applied in a practical setting.

Millions of smart, sexy, and sane women lust after Bad Boys - and unfortunately, they pay the price.

With Kristina Grish's clever, prescriptive 12-step recovery plan, you can learn to reject the Bad Boy - and fall hard for a Nice Guy.

But Wells insists it is far more than a fun musical experiment.

'It's a fun piece of research but it seems to be telling us something really useful about how embryos grow,' he told Daily Mail Online.

Packed with former addickt testimonials, advice from Bad Boys and Nice Guys alike, and Kristina's own recovery story, Addickted offers the total program you need to kick your toxic dating habits once and for all.

I'm not a 12-stepper, but I could see this book seeming blasphemous to those who are.

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While the other eggs also grew, they were far less likely to develop to a stage where they could be implanted for a successful pregnancy.

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