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Couples particularly like the location — they rated it 9.2 for a two-person trip. Qualys-Hôtel La Tour Intendance has been welcoming guests since .

A lot of you have been bugging me about this, so today I finally spill all the details.

Pink Firefly has been in my life for almost three years now.This is because I follow my own advice, and don’t consider an OLTR relationship to be solid until many months have gone by and the woman has proven herself to be low drama, a stable person, and strong enough to handle a guy like me in her life for the long-term.It’s been enough time now where it’s okay for me to talk about her.Though I can’t tell you everything about her or our relationship, I think that giving you the gist of things are important; to show you what I’m doing and what is possible for you if an OLTR is something you’d like to have someday (assuming you don’t already have one; I know many of you do).As I’ve talked about before, one of the biggest reasons why normal, Societally Programmed people think relationships like this are impossible or unfeasible is because the millions of men who have relationships or marriages like this never reveal it publicly.

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So, I can give you general overviews of her and our relationship, but I won’t be able to provide certain details.

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